Kyungdong University


Kyungdong University was founded in 1981.

In 1997, Kyungdong University was founded with global and international extension goals. More community based and globalized professionals were produced. Kyungdong has been trying to serve the community's educational needs such as Regional Innovation System (RIS), Commerce, Industry & Energy, Deep Ocean Water, Leisure & Resort, and Social Welfare.

  While pursuing these goals, Kyungdong University was recognized as an IT Specialized University by the Board of Education. Furthermore, in 2008, Kyungdong University was one of the best achievers as to employment rate for the graduates. To cater for more specific community's educational needs. Kyungdong University opened Wonju-Munmak Campus (2009) and Yangju Metropol Campus (2014). To cope with local and global educational needs, Dong-U College merged into Kyungdong University in 2012.

KDU promotes talented individuals who are intellectually, morally upright and willing to contribute to the total development of the nation. KDU takes the lead in promoting creativity and service to fellowmen based on Korea's national values of Loyalty, Filial Duty, Respect to Humanity and the right attitude of Working Tirelessly towards achieving common undertaking.

  • Develops a deep understanding of the life and the world.
  • Develops a traditional culture through an independent National Educational Program.
  • Cultivates the creative skills of the students for the development of information, science and technology.
  • Provides a globalized educational program to create a competitive advantage among graduates.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Business Administration (English Medium)
  • Hotel Management (English Medium)
  • Smart Computing (English Medium)
  • Korean Studies (Korean Medium)

Undergraduate Programs (Korean Medium)

  • Tourism Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Food Service Management
  •  Tourism Aviation Management
  • Hotel Cuisine
  • Police Science
  • Public Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Secondary Special Education
  • Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Leisure& Resort
  • Deep Ocean Water
  • Physical Education
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Social Welfare
  • Visual Optics

Korean Language Programs

KDU’s Language Center (KLC) is a specialized educational institution of Korean Language and Culture. The programs are well organized to improve the listening, speaking, writing, reading, and grammar skills of the students. It provides diverse cultural exposure of Korea and other countries. The Instructors are Korean language certified with in-depth knowledge and skills from their many years of teaching. The Center is fully equipped with facilities, beautiful and homely campus environment to meet the students learning style.

  • Student's Korean language proficiency level will be considered for class placement.
  • TOPIK level will be used for class placement.

TOPIK level


Level 1

  • The student learned 800 basic words and grammar. The student developed the survival Korean skills such as, personal, shopping and restaurant related concerns.

Level 2
[Upper Elementary]

  • The student learned 1,500~2,000 words expressed both in speaking and in writing paragraphs. They can perform conversations in telephone and in public service related conversations. 

Level 3

  •  The student can speak Korean Language easily, use public facilities, maintain social relationship, and write social issues in paragraph.

Level 4

  • The student understands Korean culture, watch TV, read and understand newspaper articles and abstract materials, used idioms, social and cultural expressions.

Korean Language Special Program

Programs offered by Kyungdong Language Center include Korean Language and 'Beauty' Course, and Korean Language Teacher Training Programs.

Korean Language and 'Beauty' Course

  • This program teaches forefront Korean style skin care, hair design, make-up, image making, and fashion coordination.
  • This is a practical learning experience of the Korean language with beauty skills.
  • This is a student centered learning program based on student's interest, thus it guarantees that you will never get bored in attending this class.

Korean Language Teacher Training Program

Special activities

Special events (such as cultural experience, factory tour, visit to tourist attractions, etc.) will be held once every semester.


  • High school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Attendance rate of 70% or higher.
  • Taken and passed two (2) major examinations: mid-term & final-term.

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