Beykent University


Bakent University is a private educational institution founded in 1997 by the Adem-Celik Educational Foundation. The years 1997-1998 began the academic year. This University gives students knowledge of the world standard.

There are three university campuses; 8 faculties (Dentistry, Scientific literature, Art, Jurisprudence, Economics, Informatics, Engineering-architectural, medicine); 4 colleges, distance learning, 2 institutes, 9 research centers and 50% of its students annually receive about 30,000 scholarships at the Center for Continuing Education.

In the area of ​​ Buyukcekmeže, medicine and dentistry are taught. Both directions are conducted in Turkish, and the contract price for the 2019-2020 academic year is $ 16,500. In order to enter the areas of Medicine and Dentistry, the level of knowledge of the Turkish language must be C1 and you must provide a diploma of graduation from school or college / lyceum.

Read more about our campuses and other faculties:

  • Undergraduate programs: Ayazağa maslak campus
  • Faculty of Law (Undergraduate): Taksim Campus
  • Faculty of Scientific Literature (Undergraduate): Buyukcekmece Campus
  • College of Foreign Languages: Buyukcekmeže campus

Registration for the 2019-2020 school year begins in May.

Documents required for registration:

  • Online application
  • Passport
  • Original college / lyceum / school graduation certificate
  • Original college diploma with equivalent certificates obtained from the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Turkey or the Turkish Consulate in the states
  • 6 photos
  • Turkish departments of medical and dental faculties require C1 certificate in Turkish.
  • For Turkish departments, except for medical and dental faculties, B1 certificate in Turkish is required.

The contract price for the 2019-2020 academic year is shown below:


  • Faculty of Literature 5.500 $ / year
  • Faculty of Fine Arts $ 5.500 / year
  • Faculty of Communications $ 5.500 / year
  • Faculty of Engineering Architecture. $ 5500 / year
  • Department of Economics $ 5500 / year
  • Faculty of Law $ 6,930 / year
  • Dentistry - $ 16,500 per year
  • Faculty of Medicine - $ 16,500 / year

Students can pay for tuition at the time of enrollment, and the other half will be paid at the beginning of spring training.

30% of the subjects are taught in English, and registered students are required to complete 1 year of English language training. Foreign students enrolled in the Faculty of English will be tested for knowledge of the language. Students who successfully complete this test begin their studies. Failed students are enrolled in a preparatory English course for 1 year.

Application deadline expires before the first week of August. Conditional admission after enrollment of students. For medical dentistry, a deposit of $ 1,000 is required. After paying the student deposit, the account is sent to the university. The student can pay fees at agreed banks. The student submits the original documents after registration after loading the documents into the system.

Master's degree at the Institute of Social Sciences:

  • 1. Law
  • 2. Economics
  • 3. Communication and art
  • 4. English language and literature
  • 5. Media and communications
  • 6. Business Management
  • 7. Psychology
  • 8. History
  • 9. Turkish language and literature
  • 10. International relations

Tuition - $ 5500

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