Nanjing University 南京大学


Founded in 1902, Nanjing University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in China. With the motto of ‘Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity,’ this university carries the spirit of constant striving for educational and academic excellence.

Nanjing University, one of China`s key comprehensive universities under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, dates from 1902 when it was known as Sanjiang Normal School. During the following decades, it evolved as Liangjiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University, the Fourth Zhongshan University, and National Central University. On August 8, 1949, National Central University was renamed National Nanjing University. In October 1950, as required by the Ministry of Education, the name was changed to Nanjing University (NJU).

In its over 100 years` history, NJU has cultivated a great number of prominent and learned figures, and thus has greatly contributed to the nation`s revitalization and development. Many famous scientists and scholars have studied or worked in Nanjing University. Of the twenty-three distinguished scholars recognized by the nation for their pioneering work on the founding of the country`s high-tech system, six are from NJU.

In addition to the excellence in teaching and research work, NJU is also known for its vigorous exchanges with the outside world. Starting from 1979, it has established academic links with more than 200 universities and research institutes in around 70 countries, and hosted over 120 international conferences. International students are an integral part of the NJU campus. Interactions among students with different backgrounds and experiences create a dynamic environment for living and studying.

In the new century, NJU will deepen its reforms while carrying on its traditions. Aiming at excellence and innovativeness, it is headed for a world-class comprehensive research university with a global vision, and thus it will play a more prominent role in China`s rise in the 21st century.


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business, Management
  • Engineering
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Mandarin (Chinese Language)
  • Mass Communication & Media


Gulou Campus is located in Gulou District, at the center of Nanjing City. The main campus itself is divided into two sections by Hankou Road: North Garden, Bei Yuan, is where most teaching and research take place; and South Garden, Nan Yuan, serves as the living area for both students and academic staff.

Pukou Campus is situated in the suburban Pukou District and became part of Nanjing University in 1993. Once Pukou Campus hosted undergraduate freshmen, sophomore and junior students. In 2009, the Pukou campus became the campus of the independent Jinling College, which was founded by Nanjing University.

Xianlin Campus is located in the northeast of Nanjing, in the Xianlin Universities Town, south to Yangtse River and Qixia Mountain, east to Purple Mountain, and west to Baohua Mountain. The campus is home to undergraduate students. It was opened in September 2009. There is the stop of Nanjing University Xianlin Campus on Line 2 of Nanjing Subway, which enables Xianlin and Gulou campus to be connected through subway.

Nanjing University mainly has two campuses - Gulou and Xianlin, and there's another campus, Pukou. The distance between Gulou and Xianlin campus is about 18 kilometers.


  • West Garden International Students Residence Hall
    Standard Double Room:   telephone, TV, steel safe, air-conditioning, shared bathroom and common kitchen.
    Standard Double Room: telephone, TV, air-conditioning, private bathroom
    Standard Single Room:  telephone, TV, air-conditioning, private bathroom 
  • South Garden Guesthouse
    Standard Double Room: telephone, TV, air-conditioning, private bathroom
    Standard Single Room:  telephone, TV, air-conditioning, private bathroom

Living in University

Student organizations enrich the NJU campus life by providing programs like lectures, music, dances, movies, tournaments and races that meet students’ needs and interests. Students are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular life on campus.

Students’ Sports Center

The Students’ Sports Center is a recreation center for all your fitness needs. Amenities include free and circuit weights, cardio machines, a boxing hall, an aerobics hall, a TAE KWON DO JUNG DOKWAN hall, two table tennis courts and the natatorium.

The Students’ Sports Center is located on North Campus just at the northeast corner of Su Zhe Sports Ground.

Su Zhe Sports Ground

Su Zhe Sports Ground is home for basketball, Soccer, Volleyball. It is located on North Campus and close to the West Gate of NJU.


Gymnasium is home for badminton. It is located on North Campus just at the northeast corner of Su Zhe Sports Ground.

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