Antalya Academy of Tourism


The Academy’s curriculum is based on teaching students theoretical knowledge and practical skills according to the world standards in the area of hospitality and tourism. Alumni get diplomas recognized in European Union, USA, Turkey, CIS and other countries.

Practical training in best Mediterranean hotels and restaurants allow students not only become true specialists but also set contacts with future employers.

High quality education received in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya will be an important stage of your successful career.

The Academy of Tourism has been licensed by the Ministry of Education of Turkey and accredited by American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (EI-AH & LA). The education system is based on EI-AHLA, and combines the best traditions and vast experience in this area of international education. Specific attention is paid to foreign languages studies. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) program is based on the one of University of Applied Sciences.

Academy of Tourism in Antalya has got well developed physical facilities. All classrooms are equipped with computers and interactive boards which guarantees high quality education provided to students coming from various countries of the world to Antalya.


  • Hotel Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Economy
  • Event Management
  • PR & Marketing

Education is done by module system. Module education means not only participation in lectures and seminars, but also practical training in hotels during all education course. Education in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya is a great chance to become a highly qualified and demanded professional at HR market.

Bachelors degree in Antalya Academy of Tourism

Students get BA degree in three years at Antalya Academy of Tourism.

Graduates obtain a higher education diploma recognized in European Union countries. “Tourism and Catering Economics” undergraduate program is developed for goal oriented, educated and talented students. If you dream of travelling to all parts of the world, are willing to communicate and want to combine business and travelling, all you need to do is apply to the Academy of Tourism in Antalya to get your higher education.

University of Applied Sciences (Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences) is the biggest educational institution in Hungary which incorporates 7 schools. Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences means modern educational technologies, international projects and European diplomas. Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences diplomas have international status and are certified in EU that entitles their owners to be employed in all European Union countries.

Students who have completed two year Hotel Management or Food and Beverage Management courses in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya can be admitted to this program.

The tuition is conducted at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya during one year (25 academic weeks). In addition, this program involves a three week lecture and seminar course in Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences, Budapest during each academic semester.

Also, Academy of Tourism in Antalya students are able to get a Bachelor degree after two years of education within one academic year in one of Academy’s European partnering educational institutions.


Academy of Tourism in Antalya students are able to get a Bachelor degree after two years of studying in Antalya and one year of studying in one of European partnering higher education institutions.

International College of Tourism in Antalya

Education at the College of Tourism is conducted in English language. The education system is based on the programs of the Educational Institute American Hotel and Lodging Association (EI-AH & LA).

College graduates receive diplomas from the Ministry of National Education of Turkey and EL-AH & LA of the United States of America.

College education base. Qualified teaching staff, modern technical and educational base, the use of innovative educational technologies – all this ensures the high quality of educational services, provided by the international college of hotel management and Tourism in Antalya.

The benefits of studying at the International College of Tourism in Antalya:

  • Internships in the best hotels on the coast of Antalya
  • The possibility of internships and employment abroad (Canada, USA, China, Australia), as well as in Turkey
  • The International College of Hotel Services and Tourism in Antalya is included in the list of Best Hospitality Schools in Europe– EURODIP
  • The International College of Tourism in Antalya is a member of the Association for Education in Tourism and Hospitality (AMORHT)
  • The International College of Tourism in Antalya is a certified center for taking the international English exam TOEFL.
  • High-quality training
  • In-depth study of foreign languages ​​(English, Turkish, German)
  • International environment

Study Programs

Hotel Management Program

Hotel Management is one of leading areas in international business. Hotel Management specialty will open unlimited opportunities for you to find successful employment and give a great start to your career.

The Academy students study management, marketing, human resources management, computer technologies used in the hospitality industry.

The educational program perfectly combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills; students have their internship in best hotels of Mediterranean seaside.

There are two departments in the Academy: Russian and English. In the English one all classes including seminars and practical training are conducted in English.

The academic workload for the Hotel Management students is up to 36 study hours a week. The educational program also includes self studies – up to 15 hours a week.

Education Period:

  • 2 years for the 12th grade school graduates (secondary specialized education) + 1 year of Undergraduate program

Graduates obtain:

  • The Ministry of Education of Turkish Republic diploma
  • EI-AH & LA (USA) diploma
  • University of Applied Arts Bachelor diploma

Food & Beverage Management

F&B Management specialty students receive professional knowledge and restaurant business management skills, learn newe0st technologies of client service organization at food and beverage operations.

Restaurant business is the one of the highly developing businesses in the world, therefore students with F&B Management diploma have very high chance for successful employment.

The program may be elective (studied as additional specialty to Hotel Management program) or may be studied as an independent one.

Students studying Hotel Management just need to take one extra module in a semester to get the second F & B Management diploma.

Event Management Program

Event Management is the process of analyzing, planning, marketing, producing and evaluating an event. It is a different way of promoting a product, service or idea. If an event is managed efficiently and effectively, it can be used as a very powerful promotional tool to launch or market a product or service. Events Management requires certain core values to be deployed to every element, process and decision to justify professional approach and achieve effective and efficient results. Event Manager is responsible for congresses, symposiums, conferences, seminars, celebrations, weddings, entertainment events organization.

Event Management Curriculum

1 year

  • Events & Leisure Innovation
  • International Events Management
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Sport Tourism
  • Creative Media & Events
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hospitality Management
  • Media, Tourism & Leisure
  • Public Relations & Event Management

2 year

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Conference, Meeting Planning
  • Special Events Coordination
  • Catering Weddings, Convention Sales and Contracts
  • Economics for Events Professionals
    Basic Hospitality Accounting
  • Negotiation and Risk Management
  • Event Business & Finance
  • Event Design & Performance
  • Thesis Paper

PR & Marketing Program

Students in bachelor’s degree programs in Public Relations & Marketing  learn how to act as liaisons between businesses, communities and media outlets. The study subjects related to promotion, marketing, business communications and planning. Students may also pursue an advanced degrees in Public Relations & Marketing for greater income potential.

PR & Marketing Curriculum

1 year

  • Communications Ethics, Law & Regulation
    Public Relations Writing
  • Social Media: Objectives, Strategies, Tactics
  • Theory, History & Practice of Public Relations
    Managing Media Relations
  • Critical Business Skills for Corporate Communication
  • Strategic Communications
  • Public Relations Consulting
  • Public Relations in Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public Relations Specialties
    Integrated Marketing

2 year

  • Global Relations and Intercultural Communications
  • Public Affairs: Public Opinion & Issues Management
    Investor Relations
    Government Affairs
    Crisis Communication
  • Reputation Management
  • Thesis Paper

Turkish Student Visa

According to legislation of the Republic of Turkey, all students entering Turkey from other countries for long-term study must have student visas, irrespectively of the visa regime between Turkey and the student’s country.

A student visa can be received from Turkish consulate in relevant country after signing an education contract and payment of education services.

The following basic documents are needed for receiving a student visa:

  • study invitation from an education institution;
  • education contract;
  • confirmation of education services payment.

However, the list of required documents can be extended in some consulates. Therefore, it is strongly recommended before submission to a consulate to clarify with them the list of the required documents.

Documents for a student visa should be submitted 1.5-2 months prior to commencement of study. Generally, a student visa is issued for one year period. Further prolongation of legal residence will be formalised at the study place.

A ready visa should be received only at the place of visa documents submission and before departure to Turkey.

Beginning from the date of arrival for study, a student has 30 days to obtain a residence permit. The Academy of Tourism in Antalya provides all students with necessary assistance in obtaining residence permits. For this purpose, a student must submit all required documents within one month from the date of entry to the country. The list of documents needed or issue of a residence permit and formalisation procedure will be sent to the student immediately after sending a study invitation.


Students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya are living in the student residence of the Academy.
The residence is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Antalya – Konyaalti, in vicinity from the academic buildings of the Academy.
The Mediterranean Sea is only in 100 meters from the residence.

According to requirements of the Antalya Security Department, foreign citizens arriving for study are the responsibility of educational institutions, to which their student visas pertain. Therefore, all students under 24 years of age will be lodged in a student residence. They can reside independently only with their immediate families.

The student residence of the Academy of Tourism is based at a three-star hotel in Lara – one of the most prestigious districts of Antalya. The student residence is located within 10-15 minutes walking from the Academy educational building.

Students are offered different options of accommodation: single, double and triple rooms with balcony, shower and toilet, air conditioner and TV set in each of them. Wireless Internet access and ironing room and laundry are available within the student residence.

Once at the student residence, lodgers may choose a full-board or room-only option. For students enrolled on the basis of 9th form, the full-board option is mandatory. Three meals daily are offered including European, Russian and Turkish dishes, salad bar, fruits and pastry.

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